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How about treating your child to an introductory dance class?

Every child has an artist inside of them, waiting to emerge

All they need is inspiration and the right training. Why not cultivate their artistry in a safe and supportive environment, with caring and professional instructors?

Start your child’s dance journey today. We invite you to join us for a FREE trial class. We can’t wait to see the artist they become.

Meet our amazing team

From professional dancers and choreographers to early childhood education specialists, our instructors are here to give your child the very best in dance education.

The curriculum taught by our instructors is developmentally and age appropriate with a focus on technique and artistry so your child can be the best dancer they can be.

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MDC is about More Than Just Great Dancing

Here at MDC, we believe dance has the power to transform people’s lives. Our students learn values and life lessons that go way beyond just dance steps- things like a good work ethic, personal accountability, team work, leadership, and generosity. Our dancers learn perseverance, delayed gratification, and respect for themselves, their work, and others.

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