Winter Recital Guide

'Tis the season for DANCE!

Flourish’s annual holiday tradition is just around the corner. Join us for dances to your favorite holiday songs at our Winter Recital.

The Winter Recital is a bit more informal than our Spring Recital – the costumes are simple, the dances are a little shorter, and the dancers are encouraged to watch from the audience. That doesn’t mean it is any less fun – the show is still full of beautiful dancing, amazing artistry, and plenty of holiday cheer!

In this guide you will find important information for the Winter Recital. Please read this page thoroughly and let us know if you have any questions.


Saturday, December 14th, 3:00 pm
Run time approximately 1.5 hours including intermission.

Schedule of Events

2:00-2:30 Dancer Check-in (Ages 8+)
2:30-2:45 Dancer Check-in (Ages 2-7)
2:30 Dancer Warm-up (onstage)
3:00 pm Curtain

All dancers age 8 and up should participate in the studio warm up.


Wheaton Academy
900 Prince Crossing Rd
West Chicago, IL 60185


Tickets are available for purchase online and at the studio.

Adults Pre-Sale: $12
Children/Seniors Pre-Sale: $9
Children under 3: FREE
Adults At-the-Door: $15
Children/Seniors At-the-Door: $12

Show Order

  1. 13+ Jazz AP
  2. 2-3 Hippity-Hop
  3. 8-12 Jazz/Hip-Hop
  4. 13+ Ballet AP-A
  5. 3-4 Hip-Hop & Tap
  6. 8-12 Tap Repertory AP & 13+ Tap
  7. 5-7 Jazz
  8. 13+ Jazz
  9. 8-12 Ballet
  10. 3-4 Ballet
  11. 5-7 Ballet
  12. 8-12 Modern/Contemporary AP
  13. 13+ Tap Repertory AP
  14. 3-4 Ballet & Tap
  15. 8-12 Tap
  16. 13+ Hip-Hop & 13+ Hip-Hop AP
  18. 13+ Modern/Contemporary AP
  19. 8-12 Hip-Hop AP
  20. 5-7 Hip-Hop
  21. 13+ Ballet AP-A/B
  22. 8-12 Ballet AP
  23. 13+ Ballet
  24. 5-7 Tap
  25. 8-12 Jazz AP
  26. 13+ Ballet AP-B
  27. 8-12 Hip-Hop
  28. 8-12 Tap AP
  29. 13+ Modern/Contemporary
  30. 13+ Tap AP
  31. BOWS

Performance Guidelines

Recital Checklist

  • Dance Shoes
  • Water Bottle
  • Costumes and accessories (See below for details)

Before the Show (Check-in Procedure)

Hippity-Hop, Ages 3-4, & Ages 5-7 classes:
  • Check-in by 2:45 pm at the dancer check-in table in the lobby.
  • Dancers should be dressed in their first costume/shoes before the show begins.
  • If your dancer is in one of the first 6 dances, please bring them to the dance room downstairs (stage door behind the check-in table).
  • A room mom will wait with them until their performance then return them to the dance room to be picked up.
  • PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons, the dancer must be signed in and out by the same parent.
Ages 8+ classes:
  • Check in by 2:30 pm at the dancer check-in table in the lobby.
  • If the dancer is in the first act, they should head downstairs and find a spot in the dressing area.
  • If the dancer is in the second act, they may sit with their family for the first act, then proceed downstairs at intermission.
  • All dancers age 8+ should be on stage at 2:30 pm for studio warmup.

During the Show

  • Dancers must proceed to the stairs in the lobby 6 dances before their performances.
  • When dancers are not performing or changing, they may sit in a specified area in the back of the theater
  • Hippity-Hop and ages 3-4 class dancers may sit with their families before and after their class’s performance.
  • Please remind your dancer not to get up and down from their seats in the middle of a performance. This is a very important part of respect and etiquette in dance performance.
  • Flash photography during the performance is expressly prohibited. This is a distraction to the audience and dangerous to the dancers performing on stage.
  • Anyone caught using flash photography during the performance will be asked to leave. Photography is permitted without the use of a flash.

Bows and Checkout

  • Dancers will be called backstage 4 dances before the end of the show to line up for bows.
  • Dancers in Hippity-Hop, 3-4 year old classes, and 5-7 year old classes will be dismissed from the stage.
  • Dancers in 8+ year old classes will be dismissed to the dressing room area.

Hair, Makeup, and Costumes

Hair and Makeup

We know you want your dancer to look the very best on stage- we do too!

Stage makeup and a uniform hair style is an important part of having a professional appearance for performances. Stage lights tend to “wash out” and “flatten” the features on people’s faces. All dancers should adhere to the hair and makeup guidelines.

Hair Style

Dancers in Ballet dances – Hair should be in a neat, high bun.
Dancers in all other dance styles – Hair should be in a neat, low ponytail.
Dancers in Ballet and other styles – Hair should be in a neat, high bun for the whole show.


View our stage makeup tutorial by clicking the button below.


ClassInstructorCostumesStudio Provided 
2-3 Hippity-HopDani (India)Red & white for top and bottom
3-4 BalletGennaLeotard with attached skirt, pink tights, hair accessory
3-4 Ballet / TapDani (India)Black leggings, red shirtRed Flower Beret
3-4 Hip-Hop / TapRich (India)Black legging, red shirt, santa hat
5-7 BalletDani (India)Bright solid colored leo (or bright tank top over black leo)Ccream colored tutus
5-7 Hip-HopRich (India)Black bottoms, Green top, fun winter hat
5-7 JazzDani (India)Black leggings, red shirtStar sunglasses
5-7 TapMartyBlack top and bottomBoys: Santa Hat, Girls: Hula Skirt
8-12 BalletGennaBlack leotard, pink tights, hair accessory4 boas-irina, angela, both jills, 2 top hats-irina & angela, (Jillian hug-possible Rudolph nose) adisen- Santa hat, own black shorts 1 red + 1 white tutu & boa, 7 elves-red tutus + own hair decor
8-12 Ballet APZadaBlack leotard, pink tightsBlack Ballet Skirts
8-12 Hip-HopRich (India)Black bottoms, Green top, fun winter hat
8-12 Hip-Hop APRichBlack pants, purple shirt
8-12 Jazz APZadaBlack leggings, holiday top
8-12 Jazz/Hip-HopDani (India)Black leggings, red or green shirt
8-12 ModernRicardoBlack leggings, red or green shirt
8-12 TapDani (Rich)red or black leo/tank top, winter scarves & hatsRed plaid skirt
8-12 Tap APMartyBlack top and bottom with colorful winter accessories
8-12 Tap Repertory & 13+ TapRich & MartyBlack leggings, red or green shirt
13+ AP/ABGennaBlack leotard, pink tights, winter accessories
13+ BalletGenna
Black leotard, pink tights
Black ballet skirts, Blue and red halter tops
13+ Ballet AP-AGennaBlack leotard, pink tights, hair accessoryRed/white/green ribbon skirts
13+ Ballet AP-BGennaBlack leotard, pink tights, hair accessoryBlack ballet skirts, red halter tops
13+ Hip-Hop & 13+ Hip-Hop APRichBlack leggings, black undershirt, flannel shirt (any color)
13+ JazzRich (India)Black leggings, black leotardScarf
13+ Jazz APZadaBlack leggings, red or green shirt
13+ ModernDani (India)Black leggings, black leo or tank top, own flannel
13+ Modern APRicardoBlack leggings, white shirt, Santa Hat (student or studio provided)
13+ Tap APMartyBlack top and bottom with colorful winter accessories
13+ Tap RepertoryMartyBlack top and bottom with colorful winter accessories